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GAP Development Company was founded in 1987 as a software design firm, specializing in Bulletin Board software and utilities.

GAP is an acronym formed from the names of the founders who collaborated on the development of GAP BBS, one of the most popular BBS programs of the era.

GAP BBS required a Serial Port Interface (Comm Library). Not content with what was available, the company wrote its own Communications Library in assembler.

GAP BBS enjoyed phenomenal success. Three books were written featuring the software.

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In 1992, GAP Development Company reworked its Communications Library so that it would support the popular RAD system known as Clarion (by Soft Velocity). This was a daunting task because the Library needed to support DOS Protected Mode (one of the major strengths of Clarion For DOS). In 1993, this Library was released as CLACom. CLACom was, and still is, the only Communications Library available for Clarion For DOS.

The Internet pretty much put an end to Bulletin Board Systems and most of the companies that wrote BBS software back in the 80’s and early 90’s are now out of business. There are still GAP BBS bulletin boards on the web, and the program is freeware for download.

Just as the Internet ended the need for Dial Up Bulletin Boards, Windows put an end to DOS based programs. Clarion For DOS turned into Clarion For Windows and GAP Development Company ported CLACom to the Windows arena.

CLACom is used by major retailers to send daily sales data to the corporate offices and to send medical records and other important information to mainframe computers. It is used to interface with truck scales as well as grocery scales. You'll find it in use by pet stores as well as liquor stores. It is even used to record the time spent on phone calls made at motels and major resorts around the world.

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