CLACom DOS Functions

Library Function Descriptions
CkeyPress Checks for a remote or local key press.
ClrBuf Clear the communications receive buffer.
ComClrToStr Clears buffer up to and including string.
ComGetc Gets a character from COM Port.
ComGetd Gets a character from COM Port with time-out.
ComGets Gets a string of characters up to deliminator.
ComPutb Sends a buffer of data to COM Port.
ComPutc Sends a character to COM Port.
ComPuts Sends a string to COM Port.
CursorOff Turns local cursor off.
CursorOn Turns local cursor on.
DclrTx Clear DigiBoard Transmit buffer.
DgtTxfree Get Free space in DigiBoard Transmit buffer.
Dmodem Change DigiBoard Port parameters.
DownLoad Download using Xmodem and Ymodem.
Drestore Reset DigiBoard Port.
DsetUp Initialize DigiBoard Port (Direct Interface).
Dtr Toggles the DTR line on or off.
FosClrTx Clears the Fossil Transmit Buffer.
FosInitPort Initializes Fossil Port.
FosResetPort Tell Fossil finished with Port.
FosSetPort Tell Fossil to give us Port.
GetCRC16 Returns a 16 bit CRC value.
GetCRC32 Returns a 32 bit CRC value.
GetKeyc Gets keyboard character and scan code.
GetScrn Update Clarion's screen buffer.
GetZmodem Download using Zmodem.


Sends a character to local screen.
Gputs Sends a string to local screen.
InitAnsi Initializes ANSI driver.
Int14Set Initialize DigiBoard Port (Int14/EBIOS Interface).
Iscd Checks if there is a Carrier.
LineStat Get UART Line Status.
ModemPuts Send a string to the modem.
ModemStat Get Modem Status.
PeekChr Check if character is in Receive Buffer.
PeekStr Check if string is in Receive Buffer.
PosCursor Update ANSI Driver Cursor Position.
RecvCount Returns # of characters in Receive Buffer.
ResetPort Restores Communications Port (Std Interface).
RestCbreak Restores Ctrl-Break vector.
Rts Toggles RTS line on or off.
Rxempty Checks if any characters in receive buffer.
SendBreak Send a break signal to the modem.
SendZmodem Send files using Zmodem.
SendZmodem1 Send files using Zmodem (alternate function).
SetCapture Turns Capture Buffer On or Off.
SetCaptureFile Sets the name of Capture File.
SetPort Initializes Communications port.
SetCbreak Initializes Ctrl-Break vector.
StrHex Translate Hex String to number.
StrWord Find substring in string.
Timer Time Delay.
UpLoad Send files using Xmodem and Ymodem.

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