CLACom Lite

CLACom Lite is a Serial Communications Library that provides over 50 functions to fulfill your Serial Port Interfacing needs. It is provided as a low cost alternative to the Full Featured CLACom For Windows Library.

The main difference between the Lite version and the Full version is that CLACom Lite does not include File Transfer capability, Terminal Emulation, and some of the Templates (pre-written procedures).

CLACom Lite carries with it our years of experience interfacing with Serial Ports and Windows. We bring this expertise to you at reduced cost so that you do not have to pay for the "advanced features" that you do not need.

Refer to the Functions By Category chart and the Feature Comparison chart for more information about the differences between the Lite version of CLACom and the Full Featured version.

It should be noted that the Lite version is not a "crippled" version of CLACom. It is the same Communications Library with the so called "advanced features" removed. This results in a smaller size for the Library and a cost savings for the developer.

If you don’t need File Transfers or Terminal Emulation, and you can do without some of the pre-written template procedures, then the Lite version may be better suited to your needs.

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