CLACom Windows Uses & Features

With more than 120 Functions, CLACom provides everything you need in a serial communications library.

  • Interface to POS Terminals, Scales, Medical Instruments, Radio Devices, Modems - anything that connects to a Serial Port
  • Interfacing to Bar Code Readers is breeze with CLACom
  • Connect to Amway, Blue Shield and Blue Cross, or other Mainframes
  • Open up to 255 Serial Ports simultaneously (depending upon installed hardware and operating system)
  • Terminal Emulator that includes TTY, ANSI, VT100, and IBM3161 Emulations
  • Templates to automatically Answer the Phone, Dial a Phone Number, and Initialize the Modem
  • Control Templates to add File Transfer Protocols and Baud Rates in List Box format to any Window
  • ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem File Transfers
  • Fully functional Terminal Emulator program included as an example
  • Wait for strings to arrive at the serial port and automate your Log Ons
  • 32 bit programs can run another program and Sleep (use no clock ticks) until the other program terminates
  • Easy to read Printed Manual which is also available upon request as a Windows Help File.