CLACom Windows Technical Specification

Technical Specifications
32 Bit Support Separate DLLs provided for 16 and 32 bit Applications.
Demo Available Example Program from product is available as a stand alone Executable. Also contains the On-Line Help Reference.
DigiBoards Works with any type of Serial Port supported by Windows. Device Drivers are supplied by Hardware Manufacturer.
Documentation 190 Page Printed Manual which is also provided in PDF format. Full contents of Manual in Windows Help Format.
Example Programs A comprehensive Terminal Emulation program with all Clarion Embedded source code fully commented. A Client/Server program demonstrating how to send and receive files unattended.
File Transfer Protocols ASCII, Xmodem Checksum, Xmodem CRC, Xmodem 1K, Xmodem 1K-G, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, and Zmodem.
Flow Control DSR/DTR, XON/XOFF, and RTS/CTS.
Function Prototypes Include files for 16 and 32 bit Function Prototypes.
Implementation Written in the "C" language. All functions are contained in a DLL. Separate DLLs provided for 16 and 32 bit applications.
Interface Windows Communications API.
Media 1.4 meg Floppy Disk (2). Download Only purchase option is available.
Serial Ports 255 Ports can be opened simultaneously (depending upon installed hardware and operating system).
Templates Dial a Phone Number - Initialize the Serial Port and Modem - Answer the Phone when it Rings - File Transfer Protocol and Baud Rate List Boxes - Enhanced Win 98 File Open/Save Dialog Box - Activate Previous Instance of Program - Get a Directory Path - Wait for Strings from Serial Port.
Terminal Emulation Pop up Terminal Window as well as fully customizable MDI Terminal written in Clarion. Supports IBM ANSI, TTY, VT100 (partial), and IBM3161 (partial) emulation's.

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